Weekly Top Five: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Actually two days.  Oh well.  This one covers the 13th to the 20th.

5.  Gilbert Hernandez: Last week it was Jaime, this week I reread “Blood of Palomar,” which is way better than I remembered it.  Below is one of a few cool splash pages included in the book.512502374_985474ea2b

4.  Green Street Cafe in Northampton: is delicious.  I got a great steak there, and it was the best meal I’ve had in a while.

3.  Angelic Wars: Noz performs an invaluable service by collecting Goodie Mob guest appearances and rarities and such onto this mixtape.

2.  Shit Popped Off- I’m not sure if this is technically a Dr. Dre song or a T.I. song, but it may as well be the latter.  T.I.’s not really doing anything special or particularly impressive here, but he doesn’t really need to.  The beat sounds a lot better than most recent Dre stuff, maybe because it’s actually got somebody good rapping on it (i.e. not Dre or Kingdom Come-vintage Jay-Z).  Aside from a few tracks on Paper Trail, T.I. can basically do no wrong these days, and it’s a shame he’s going to prison so soon.

1.  Jadakiss- Kiss My Ass Mixtape: I don’t actually have much to say about this, it’s pretty much exactly what one would expect from a Green Lantern mixtape with Jadakiss on it.  Green Lantern’s a great DJ, and Jada is a good to great rapper who is on point throughout the tape.  The title track is probably my favorite song, but the freestyle with Styles P over “The People” holds a special place in my heart because that beat sounds way better with some rappers who aren’t Common on it.  Maybe it’s just the context but hearing it now it does seem like the perfect beat for some hardass New York mixtape rappers.


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