Weekly Top 5 (Feb. 21-27)

5.  Young Jeezy- Circulate video: This could be my least favorite of the many videos Jeezy’s released for The Recession, but it’s still pretty unimpeachable.  I think it’s a testament to the depth and staying power of the album that it’s spawned so many videos (seven, I think?).  His previous albums are both albums I liked a lot, but it’s hard to imagine as many songs from them meriting single/video treatment (this is more true of The Inspiration than it is of Thug Motivation 101).  I said last week that Jeezy’s videos exist on the fine line between depressing and awesome, but this one is pretty much straight triumphalism.  I can’t think of a less ambivalent Jeezy video than this.  I read somewhere that it was sponsored by a vodka brand, which would explain this, but it’s also totally reasonable to change the tone up a little bit at this point.  Also worth considering: the possibility that all the pro-America imagery and feel good-ness of the video is Jeezy’s fuck-you to Bill O’Reilly.

4.  Watching old Soulja Slim videos on Youtube: Awesome way to kill some time.  Get em before they get taken down.

3.  Letters to Cam: Another good week for Cameron Giles, with the leak of I Used to Get it in Ohio and Cookies With Some Apple Juice, the video for Ohio, this great interview from DJ Booth, and, most importantly, this hilarious video put together by It’s the Real.  In pretty much everything Cam’ron’s done since the release of the Public Enemy #1 mixtape (more or less), there’s been a lot of humility, in a way there wasn’t in his Purple Haze era music, videos, or publicity.  Both videos he’s dropped for Crime Pays have been low-budget (understated, even) affairs, and he’s now portraying himself as an average guy more than a boss in a fur coat with a Lambo.  This video plays into the general trend as well, with Cam’ron poking more fun at himself than any of his questioners, a bunch of white teenage girls.  Cam will probably never actually make the sitcom he’s been talking about in interviews, but this is a sign that such a thing could be pretty good if it were ever to happen.

2.  Hold Steady-Atlantic City: The Hold Steady are my favorite rock band around right now, pretty much the only current rock band I care about actually. This is a good cover of one of Springsteen’s best songs. It’s cool that they make a Springsteen solo song from Nebraska sound like the E-Street Band are playing on it.


1.  Walkin’ on the Moon- The Dream ft. Kanye: This song is a jam.


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