Does Asher Roth Actually Smoke Weed? A Flycliches Investigative Report


There was a Hardy Boy mystery...

There was a Hardy Boy mystery...

Let’s face it, Asher Roth is pretty mysterious; there are a lot of unanswered questions about this dude.  Is he going to save rap music from all these washed-up gangster rappers?  Is he paying Eskay to do journalism for him?  Is he Little Nemo‘s long lost twin (Li’l Nemo)?  If anything is certain though, it seems to be Roth’s love for two things: college and marijuana.

But even this seems to be getting called into question lately.  Recent interviews have revealed that Roth dropped out of college after two years–maybe he didn’t love it so much as he just kind of liked it.  With this in mind, one has to wonder whether his ringing endorsement of smoking weed is sincere too.  Could he only be advocating smoking marijuana while operating a motor vehicle so that we’ll think he’s cool?  After all, would a real stoner have dropped his album on 4/20?  He probably would have forgotten about it until a week later.  And let’s face it, that whole gimmick seems less and less like genius marketing as the sales figures have started to come in.  And come on, I could have told you that.  The weed-heads I know are pretty serious about a few things–weed, mainly, but also bongs and sometimes even spliffs–but paying for new music isn’t one of them.  So far my emails to Roth’s management have not been answered, but I continue to pursue a course of vigilance on the internet for any news which might shed light on the case.  And I’d like to assure all my readers that until I get a straight answer from the man, I’m suspending all Asher Roth related content on Fly Cliches.  The people deserve nothing less.


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