Things That Are Great

1.  Finding 200 dollars I didn’t know I had in a savings account

Its like Im a rich dude suddenly

It's like I'm a rich dude suddenly

I don’t know how it got there but nobody’s gonna hear any complaints from me.

2.  The Ramones- Rocket to Russia Forget about a debut album, this is the Ramones record.  “Rockaway Beach” is under-appreciated–one of their best songs–and helps make this a perfect summer album.

3.  Eddie Campbell’s Egomania

This is maybe the most attractive format for a magazine I can imagine; it’s a shame it only lasted two issues.  The first one (I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy of the second one yet) has the first two parts of a comic on the history of humor that I wish Campbell would have finished.  The rest is composed of a few articles–one a fascinating interview with Batman ghost artist Lew Sayre Schwartz, another an investigation of a painting in an Australian pub by Classical Realist Jules Lefebvre, and lastly an article by Campbell’s daughter Hayley on the premier of the From Hell movie.  Campbell describes the magazine as “Egomania… in which I make the extraordinary presumption that the contents of my noodle will be of interest to others.”  Oh, but they are, which is why it’s really too bad the magazine folded.  Of course Campbell’s blog has more or less served the same purpose, but it’s not quite the same.  There’s something very appealing about the mix of text and comics in the magazine.  Of course, what I’d really want, even more than for Campbell to continue the magazine, is to have my own such magazine, Simon Reinhardt’s Egomania if you will.  The only problem is I don’t imagine I’d have much in the way of readers, or a way to fund it.  Any sponsors?


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